• Shoulder adaptations to swing change

    To follow up on the prior blog relating to the recent increase in trail shoulder injuries due to changes in the golf swing there have been a couple of therapeutic...

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  • Right shoulder pain on the rise

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  • Neck pain early in a golf career

    PGA golfers continually strive to improve their performances. Many sports that involve rotation challenge the athlete to hit the ball harder and drive into their shot.

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  • Yips not always a mental issue

    It can occur in golfers of any age but the "yips" periodically can find their way into even a professional golfer's head.

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  • Golfing in Hot Weather

    The FedEx event held in Memphis last week revealed a huge challenge to the professional golfer. A challenge that would be difficult to address at the moment.

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  • New Course New Challenges

    The United States Open is being held this week at Los Angeles Country Club for the first time.

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  • Challenges begin to Intensify

    It is the end of May and the second major of the year, The PGA Championship is being held at Oak Hill Golf Club in Rochester, New York.

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  • Planks: Be aware

    The plank is a static body weight exercise that engages multiple muscle groups at the same time.

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    Over the past three years Covid and its mutations have caused many to suffer respiratory and cardiovascular distress, chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms. Another condition that has shown up...

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