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Tom LaFountain

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Over the past three years Covid and its mutations have caused many to suffer respiratory and cardiovascular distress, chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms. Another condition that has shown up that can cause neuromusculoskeletal debilitation is Parsonage Turner syndrome. Also known as Neuralgic Amyotrophy it is a brachial plexus inflammation from getting the Covid virus.

Parsonage Turner syndrome will present as a sudden, severe pain in the shoulder and upper arm eventually leading to longer lasting muscle weakness. Usually it will affect only one side of the body. It is a neurological disorder that can affect anyone from 3 months old to 75 years old. The highest incidence occurs in individuals between 30-70 years old. 

Other than oral steroids in the early stages of the condition, manual therapy, chiropractic, and physical therapy are the primary treatment options. 

Individuals affected can experience paralysis in the affected areas for years. Prognosis is generally favorable with most people experiencing complete recovery within two years. 

Causes: virus or infection, vaccinations, trauma, CA cells, immunizations or a faulty immune system, lumbar puncture, recent surgery, childbirth, radiation treatment and parasitic infection.



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