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The FedEx event held in Memphis last week revealed a huge challenge to the professional golfer. A challenge that would be difficult to address at the moment. Ideally preparing for hot weather should begin the week before with hydration and replacement fluids. Trying to hydrate in such extreme conditions often puts you in a constant catch up position if hydration was not adequate going into the tournament. Temperatures in Memphis were in the 90's with wet bulb readings above 100 degrees.  It was so bad we were lucky there were no fatalities. A few of the caddies suffered symptoms of heat exhaustion and struggled with symptoms of muscle cramping, headaches, dizziness, and swollen fingers, hands and feet. PGA golfers were challenged with fatigue, muscle cramping, muscular aches, concentration and focus. Many drank a 16.7 ounce bottle of water at each hole to replenish lost fluids and avoid dehydration.

Many amateur golfers play throughout the summer and are challenged by hot weather. If you are in a club event on a weekend that is to be a scorcher you need to know what to do to avoid debilitating symptoms. It is very important to avoid known diuretics as much as possible when it is common to drink them during a golf event. Coffee, tea, sodas, beer and liquor are to be kept to a minimum on hot days when you are out on the course for 5-6 hours. If any of these beverages are consumed it is advised to drink an 8 ounce glass of water to counter the diuretic effects of a soda or beer.

Although there are numerous replacement drinks on the market for hydration and electrolyte replacement during hot weather activities only a few are National Science Foundation (NSF) certified. Based on ingredients and electrolyte profiles these are the best options certified by the NSF:


Hydration must be addressed when participating in any physical activity. It is the most unexpected and subtle disruptor of talent and performance. You must prepare properly primarily for your health and certainly for performance.


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