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By now you have worked hard to establish better mobility and flexibility in your hips. Golf has begun in the northern United States and your game is in full motion. A good time to add stability and power to your swing by continuing to focus on your hips. If you are looking to increase distance it is a great place to start. 

 Strengthening your hips will improve your stability and power during your swing. If you have had problems with swaying, sliding or your hands have a tendency to get fast the hips may be the problem. Your buttock muscles and how they function to extend your hips is significant to any athletic demand. The buttock muscles or more specifically the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus are very important for accelerating movements in the body. Generally speaking the glue max is important for power and the glute med contributes to stability when it comes to athletic demands. While struggling with back pain many did not understand Tiger Woods when he said his glutes weren’t firing. Under normal circumstance the activation and strength of the hip extensors (glute max) and abductors (glute med) are important. If you have back issues they are of paramount importance.

 A couple of exercises to begin glute strengthening are as follows:

 1. Glute max: Standing hip extensions are a good place to start. Initially you can hold on to the back of a chair or counter for support. In upright posture with neutral pelvis, squeeze the right buttock and attend the leg back without leaning forward or arching your back. Hold 2-3 seconds, do 10-15 repetitions. Then do the left side. (Progress to doing body weight squats for a more global influence.)

 2. Glute med: Standing with initial support from the back of a chair or counter, lift your leg to the side without tilting your body (approximately 30 degrees). You should feel it in the upper outer part of your buttock/hip area. Hold 2-3 seconds, do 10-15 repetitions. Once this becomes easier you can use mini bands and do duck walks.

 For further exercises for hip extension strength go to


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