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Tom LaFountain

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Long courses can bring out subtle problems. The PGA Championship this week is being played at one of the best courses in the United States. The players are facing a major challenge on a tough course with strong winds off the ocean. The length it is playing at almost 8000 yards is an additional challenge to the golfer's bodies.

An unsuspected consequence the golfers are finding are foot problems. Longer walks and prolonged standing during the rounds (averaging 5 1/2 -6 hours) will magnify foot alignment and plantar fascial conditions. The fairways are surrounded by sand which increases foot stress when walking.

The foot conditions have been symptomatic on a daily basis and have required more visits to the PGA Performance trailers. Taping procedures for foot alignment support and manual therapy for plantar fasciitis have been necessary on a daily basis to minimize and alleviate symptoms.

The golfers who were aware of their foot conditions found them to worsen. Others who were unaware of any problems discovered a subtle foot injury that was waiting to happen. Both situations will directly effect performance if they are not addressed and alleviated. Being aware that any foot condition will likely promote accommodations in the ankle, knee, hip and lower back our assessments and treatments have to be comprehensive and accurate. All together this week is a MAJOR challenge to the PGA golfers and the sports medical staff in the PGA Player Performance trailers. Great week for all that are involved!


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