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The month of June on the PGA Tour is a crucial month for PGA golfers. The players are well into the season and the next two months will be physically and emotionally challenging. At this time of year signs and symptoms of wear and tear start to arise from the overuse demands of golf on the PGA Tour. Lower back, hip, and shoulder dull pain, stiffness, and achiness develop and present on a consistent and nagging basis. These symptoms are not the result of injury but tissue breakdown from overuse. When treatments in the PGA Performance Center do not provide the anticipated efficient response over a reasonable time period, the PGA golfer and the sports medical specialist both know that a tough decision is to follow. In any sport the toughest decision for any athlete is to acknowledge the need for recovery. The golfer's body just does not feel right yet there are no symptoms that would prevent playing. Their bodies feel stiff, achy, and sore. The player is eating well, getting their rest, and hydrating yet they do not feel comfortable with their body movement when swinging.

Before this transitions to a definable injury pattern and takes the golfer out of commission for weeks it is better that they take 1-2 weeks off to recover. With the large purses that are played for weekly on the PGA Tour thoughts of recovery are not taken easily. However with The Open, World Golf Championship, and FedEx events in July and August the golfers have to go in prepared. If they play well during these months the more they will play up to the PGA Championship with minimal time off. Consequently to be hobbling into July and August would be a disaster for the PGA golfer.

Therefore a little rest and recovery now is really not much to ask considering what the next two months will bring if they play well. Although input for this weighty decision is mutual between the sports medicine specialist, trainer, and player, it is the golfer that has the final say. They know their body better than anyone else. In an individual sport like golf their sense of well being is what matters most!


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