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Tom LaFountain

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The Masters is over for this year but I still find it impressive. It is the right of spring. Once inside the gates you realize you are in a special place. At a time in the world when everyone could use some inspiration sport provided it. Very special aspects of the human spirit were displayed. Motivation, drive, and hard work reflected a legendary work ethic. In sports medicine you periodically find someone who experiences a hopeless occurrence whose prognosis could stop them in their tracks. Somehow they amaze us by not getting down or succumbing to their plight. Their attitude, focus and energy knows no other way but to move in a positive direction. They are aware of the vulnerable and tenuous situation they are in but choose to somehow stay above it. They take on the obstacles in life with an objective to not let it define them. For Tiger Woods to show up ready to perform 13 months after a horrible motor vehicle accident. Concurrently for my son Patrick to go through 46 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation for cancer and come out cancer free. Inspirational. Motivational. Incredible. Be aware of your human spirit. Protect it and let it continually grow and thrive. It is our biggest asset.


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