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It is a big week! A very exciting week if you are a golf fan. The Players Championship is the players golf tournament. All the best golfers are here for the PGA Tour's fifth major. The $12 million dollar purse - first place $1.9 million- makes it one of the highest purses on the PGA Tour. The challenging stadium course and beautiful clubhouse are second to none. Since PGA headquarters are here the place is buzzing with energy the week of Players. Those who have taken Professional Sports Care's Clinical Golf Program held here in the clubhouse have had the privilege of witnessing the magnitude of TPC at Sawgrass.

The PGA Performance trailers open on Tuesday and immediately players began to come in. Some will come in to be stretched to prepare their bodies as they head to the driving range. Others come in for pro-active therapy and our staff will perform assessments to evaluate their movement patterns. This allows our sports medicine staff to stay ahead of potential injury sites so that the golfers can stay focused on their performance. Corrections are made by our staff of chiropractic physicians and physical therapists using a myriad of advanced manual treatments and therapy to maintain optimal body capability.

Being mid season a few of the golfers will come in with injuries from the demands of golf and a very busy season. Whether injuries are acute or chronic a detailed assessment system is used by all sports medicine staff members to accurately diagnose the problem. A comprehensive treatment protocol is then initiated to restore function to the injured area and the whole body. The objective is to get as much progress on Tuesday and Wednesday since they are non-tournament days regardless of treatment frequency or duration. The goal being that the golfer is ready to go when he steps on the first tee come Thursday.

Whether proactive or active injury care the focus is to keep the professional golfer performing at their best. The second half of the season is packed with three more majors, world golf championships, and FedEx events that the golfer must be prepared for. Time is too valuable to risk injury or show up unprepared. 

All of the above make for one of the greatest weeks on the PGA Tour!


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