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Tom LaFountain

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In this difficult time we are all bombarded with daily stresses that are magnified by social distancing and being quarantined. Fighting the Covid virus and worrying about loved ones can wear you down emotionally. In the past if there was a crisis we still had sporting events, theater, and concerts to entertain us and free our minds of our surrounding burdens. If only for a brief time we could refresh and restore our mentality by taking a break to enjoy something we love. In this crisis we do not have that opportunity for mental relief. 

With everything shut down and being sequestered it may be a good time for each of us to look to ourselves for motivation and inspiration. It may be one of the few times we can take time to search our souls and heighten our accountability. We don't have to be here or there or go somewhere. What is important is what can I do to improve myself. There are many things we wish we had time for or a chance to do. Be with the family. Go for a walk. Eat better. Exercise more. Read a book. Help a neighbor. These thoughts go through our heads frequently but life's demands often wash them out. Well, now is a good time to let them out to flourish. Establish something new that will benefit you. It will help you and without realizing it those around you may also benefit.


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