• Persistent stresses lead to persistent injuries.

    A nagging injury we find in the PGA Performance Center on the PGA Tour is lead arm extensor tendinitis.

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  • Your Biceps and the golf swing. Really?

    Bicep subluxation. A nasty injury when it happens. Actually it has happened enough on the PGA and amateur golfers I have worked on over the years to talk about it.

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    The Masters is over for this year but I still find it impressive. It is the right of spring. Once inside the gates you realize you are in a special place.

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  • To Play or Not to Play

    It was already noticeable this year at the Players Championship that some of the PGA golfers were having physical symptoms that began to effect their performances.

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  • Injury Management

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  • Lower Back Pain in golfers: External Influences

    Data from Professional Sports Care has shown the frequency of injuries to a golfer's lower back under normal demands of the golf swing.

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  • Lead Leg Pain

    It is well documented that most golf injuries involve the lead side of the golfer. For a right handed golfer that would be the left side of the body and...

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  • Lower Back Pain in Golfers

    Professional Sports Care statistics show that 80-85% of right handed golfers have lower back pain that localized to the right lumbar area.

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  • Lower Back Pain in golfers

    Professional Sports Care’s database of injuries on PGA golfers has shown that right sided golfers predominantly experience right lower back pain relative to left lower back pain.

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