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Throughout the 2021-22 PGA season PGA golfers came into the PGA Performance Center for many different types of injuries. The range of injuries varied from lower back pain to calcaneal blisters. The sports medicine staff was prepared for all of it. Injuries were assessed efficiently and treated effectively which reflected the comprehensive knowledge and training of the staff of chiropractors and physical therapists at the PGA Performance Center. Concurrently the PGA golfers have confidence that they are getting the best care possible by highly trained specialists in the Performance Center. Treatment specialists that will keep them capable of performing at the high level necessary to compete and win on the PGA and Champions Tours.


The general breakdown of injury profiles for the 2021-22 PGA season were :


Lower Back/Hip. 68%

Shoulder/Upper Back 9%

Cervical Spine 7%

Forearm/wrist 6%

Middle Back 5%

Foot/Ankle 3%

Knee 2%


Many of the injuries were seldom isolated to one area. The was never a simple isolated lower back strain for instance. Synergistic and antagonistic factors were always involved. Efficiently evaluating all of these factors reflected the value of the Performance Center staff to the PGA golfer. A relationship that is a win-win for all involved on the PGA Tour.



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