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As the PGA year ends the golfers have a short time to recover and prepare for next season. For some PGA golfers the season ended fulfilling their preseason goals. For others it feels like back to the drawing board. The offseason must consider new options to facilitate improved performance. Adjustments need to be made since the past season objectives were not met. Difficult decisions need to be made. Do you change instructors, caddies, trainers, or physiotherapists?  What can improve performance?

A top priority is to improve weaknesses and strengths. Yes, improve strengths. Weaknesses and strengths both have physical maxims genetically so concentrating on improving weaknesses may cause you to miss concentrating on your strengths. Things that come easy to you should not be taken for granted and allow you to become complacent. It is imperative to address both. Whether it be a physical or mental blessing or both you owe it to yourself to identify it and make it better.

Every year the PGA golfers have a valuable asset in Shot Link. Through Shot Link they can identify weaknesses in their physical golf performance. It may be from 90 yards in or off the tee. This certainly can be identified and improved upon. 

Similarly chiropractors and physical therapists in the PGA Performance trailers prioritize detecting weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and failures in movement patterns. Weaknesses, instabilities and aberrations in movement patterns must be detected and addressed. However the golfers strengths must not be overlooked or taken for granted clinically when setting up treatment and exercise programs.

The PGA golfer's strengths are what got them on the PGA TOUR. We want those physical advantages to continue to play into the players edge. Doing so feeds the players' confidence and trust in what they do on the golf course. A confident golfer is always an advantage in competition. Confidence in knowing you have a physical capability that is superior in a particular sport is a massive influence in your favor. Tiger always came to the tee with this advantage. He knew it and his opponents felt it.

In life as in golf it is always an advantage if you know yourself. Who you are, what you have, and how to use it to make a difference. We all have a gift. The "better you" will find it and use it.



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