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It is August and most PGA golfers are playing for the eighth straight week. We are in Memphis, Tennessee for the first FedEx Cup event and some of the 120 golfers here are struggling with the lack of recovery time. Most PGA golfers generally follow a two on (playing) one off (resting) tournament schedule. When the PGA schedule changed a couple of years ago there became an added dimension of endurance to the players physical and mental demands. The challenge has required the PGA sports medicine staff of chiropractors and physical therapists to be very cognizant of minor complaints since they can spiral into more severe issues that negatively influence performance. The PGA golfer must also be aware this time of year that in an overuse sport such as golf stiffness, tightness, and achiness are symptoms not to be taken lightly. 

Although minor problems initially may not be severe symptoms can deteriorate to pain and physical dysfunction rapidly and disrupt performance. This is not a good time of year to push through pain or try to put mind over matter. Over the next three weeks all PGA golfers playing have a chance for win millions of dollars and solidify a successful career. Favorites and non-favorites all have an equal chance for greatness.

It is a great time of year on the PGA Performance trailers. All the golfers coming in for treatments want the best edge and their bodies ready to perform. It is similar to March Madness in college basketball. Players hope to peak or get a hot hand this time of year. The staff of chiropractic physicians and physical therapists have to be sure that is possible.

Common injuries showing up this week are lower back pain (overuse), neck pain (soft tissue overuse), lead shoulder pain (rotator cuff), lead wrist pain, and foot blisters.


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