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We are here at the BMW Championship, the second FedEx playoff event on the PGA TOUR at Wilmington Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware. The sports medicine staff on the PGA Performance trailers remains consistent the past couple of weeks to add continuity to the golfers' treatment programs. The PGA golfers know that effective, efficient treatments and assessments are a primary concern this week. Of the 70 golfers here only 30 will move on to next week's Tour Championship. 

The chiropractors and physical therapists in the PGA Performance trailers know what to expect this time of year. Fatigue will increase the probability of soft tissue strains and disrupt sequencing patterns. Fatigue frequently fosters secondary recruitment of muscles to help control movement patterns. Although this is normal for a body to do the result is usually inefficient sequencing throughout the golf swing.

Despite the golfers being in much better condition than in the past, heat, humidity and hilly golf courses will reveal bodily weaknesses. Dehydration will only add to this vulnerability so there are planned periods of hydration (16-20 oz. of electrolyte fluid replacement) every other hole. For many golfers it is the ninth week in a row and some are "leaking oil". Most of the golfers will come in for treatment 1-2 times each day to maintain efficient sequencing patterns. Clinical exercises will take precedent this time of the season. Maintaining mobility and stability patterns is most important.

Consequently assessments are detailed and treatments are comprehensive. On average each player can be treated 45-90 minutes to reestablish sequencing patterns. The time demand reflects the different findings in each golfer. Numerous soft tissue, manipulative and clinical muscular activation patterns are reviewed and refined to maximize movement efficiency. This week will not only be a challenge for the PGA golfers but also the medical staff keeping them healthy.

It is the 4th quarter.  


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