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Tom LaFountain

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Even if you are just beginning an exercise program know that everyone that starts will benefit from their frequent commitment to moving their body. Flexibility and strength will improve even if movements are general provided sessions are scheduled 2-3 times per week. If you are already exercising your long term adherence will increase if you notice improvements and modify your program periodically. Most people want to start exercising to lose weight. Your weight loss objective will definitely be reached when you combine a balanced exercise program with changes in your dietary habits. 

To make the most of your time be sure that you are training functionally. Past injuries, surgeries, and other structural changes should be taken into consideration prior to beginning an exercise regime. These factors could be part of the reason for a person's weight gain and influence their adherence to an exercise program. Getting a biomechanical assessment by a sports medicine specialist prior to setting up your exercise program will reveal what areas need to be addressed to improve your health. Once you define what your body's deficits are your exercise program can target what you need to do to improve your overall body function. If you do not assess what areas need help with flexibility, strength, mobility and stability you may end up training dysfunctionally. As rigorous as you may exercise you may be doing movements that promote problems that may already exist or predispose yourself to future injury. Functional training is finding out your body's limitations and capabilities then working to improve them.

In the gym or at home be sure you are addressing what your body truly needs to reach your goals. You will find exercise more fun and it will become more a part of your life.


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