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Tom LaFountain

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The US Open always presents a tough challenge for golfers on the PGA Tour. Winged Foot is a difficult course to play to begin with. Ask any of the members and they will attest to that. Add some creativity from the USGA and as Tiger describes it, "its like Augusta with rough". Typical of US Open weeks players are a little more sore muscularly the first couple of days. The abrupt deceleration when practicing hitting out of the ruff early in the week takes getting used to. The Performance Trailers of the PGA Tour are busier than usual using soft tissue and recovery procedures to get players through the challenges of the first couple of days. The worst thing for any golfer would be to let the initial soft tissue strain and inflammation get away from them. If it were to progress, symptoms would escalate and increase the probability of injury. Having assessment information on each golfer and a detailed injury history helps tremendously in preparing and treating what needs to be done to alleviate symptoms efficiently. Knowing their primary and secondary "vulnerable" areas ahead of time helps the staff prepare prior to the US Open for what the golfer will face physically. Once here the results of our treatment and exercise protocols are then more specific and efficient. Coming off the FedEx weeks and Tour Championship then right in to a major is a huge demand on the golfers physically. Add to that the mental demand of a US Open course and the players will face a MAJOR challenge -- no pun intended.


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