• Making use of social isolation

    Continued isolation and social distancing for now another couple of weeks is a stressful undertaking during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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  • Stay at home and get golf ready

    In monitoring PGA and amateur golfers that have been under my care I have noticed one common pattern over the last 3 to 4 weeks of isolation.

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  • Thoughts in a crisis

    In this difficult time we are all bombarded with daily stresses that are magnified by social distancing and being quarantined.

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  • You have trained hard and prepared, but....

    It is early in the year and all PGA golfers arrive at Pebble Beach ready to go. They have been training, practicing, and arrive with new clubs anticipating a solid performance.

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  • The beginning of a new trend?

    In assessing injury profiles on the PGA Tour Professional Sports Care takes into consideration the golfer’s injury history, conditioning level, age, and body type.

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  • Summarizing the PGA season

    As a new PGA season begins it is important to review what happened last year. Although I am not one to look back it is beneficial to evaluate injury and...

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  • The Open: A Major event with Major challenges

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  • #1 Priority: Clinical Expertise

    The PGA Tour is in Detroit this week. A new venue that has triggered a thought of a recent experience.

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