• Beautiful Golf Courses can be deceiving

    While working in the PGA Performance trailers this week in Pebble Beach I am always taken in by how beautiful the golf course is.

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  • Lateral Knee Pain in Golf

    Golfers often experience pain at the outer side of their knee on their lead leg with the golf swing.

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  • Blending Technical and Clinical Concepts in Golf

    All PGA instructors agree and are well aware of the importance of shoulder rotation in the golf swing.

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  • Soft Tissue Treatment Options


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  • Clinical Exercise Protocol

    Flexibility and Strength vs. Mobility and Stability??

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  • 2017 Presidents Cup

    From October 2nd-8th I was given the opportunity and privilege of working with the United States team at the Presidents Cup.

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  • Good Posture Allows for a Balanced Golf Swing

    In all sports the position the athlete is in when he throws or receives a ball can dictate success or failure.

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  • Clinical Golf Performance Assessment

    As all golfers strive to improve their golf games, they have at their disposal a growing list of options available to them.

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